T-shirt Printing

Using the textile vinyl technique we do all kinds of work on fabrics whether they are polyester, cotton or a mixture of both.
This technique is carried out using a cutting plotter (printer) where a high quality vinyl paper is placed with the selected color and cuts the silhouette of the drawing to stamp the designs, in case we need a design in several colors we will do it in layers and will be pre-ironed.
Textile vinyl consists of a thermoadhesive plastic sheet with solid colors that is used to stamp fabrics.

We will also use other techniques such as:

Foil is a very thin sheet that will stick to a previously cut vinyl. This sheet can contain more metallic colors or even prints

Transfer consists of a full color laser printing and previously glued on any textile material. This technique is very advanced since we can cut the silhouette of the work efficiently.

With these techniques we can carry out a multitude of designs on shirts, patches, or appliques for clothing.

In our store we have several options of t-shirts to buy but if what you need is your own design, you will simply have to send us your design in .eps (traced) format to be able to cut it with vinyl, number of copies, print color and garment and size of the print.
To our contact form and we will respond shortly with the budget and delivery times.

Here we leave the sample of vinyl and basic garments with which we work so that you can choose the garment color and print color of any of the work we do or of your own designs that you commission from us.

We work with several clothing suppliers and we have large catalogs so if you have orders for garments that are not on the web write us and we will be happy to give you a quote.